Persuasive Speaking

Our Persuasive Speaking Workshop teaches students how to use speaking as a tool for civic leadership by delivering passionate speeches.​

Sample Day Schedule

  • 9:30 am — Registration and Breakfast
  • 10:00 am — Introduction + Icebreakers
  • 10:30 am — Conversation on Speaking Advocacy in Society
  • 11:00 am — Introduction to Argumentation + Persuasion
  • 11:30 am — Watching + Evaluating Strong Speakers
  • 12:30 pm — Lunch
  • 1:00 pm — Speaking Practice/Lesson
  • 1:30 pm — Brainstorming Topics
  • 2:00 pm — Outlining Your Speech
  • 2:30 pm — Thinking About Your Audience
  • 3:00 pm — Delivering Your Speeches
  • 4:00 pm — Final Questions and Certificates


We run workshops that range from 1-hour to multi-day workshops. Our speaking workshop is the most flexible workshop and is suitable for all lengths.

We aim to keep our workshops accessible, so we can work within most budgets. We also allocate a portion of our budget for covering expenses for external workshops for some nonprofits and schools each year. 

Number of Students
We offer workshops for anywhere from 5-100 students!


We can do workshops at your location, at our offices in Boston and New York, or remotely through Zoom/Skype.

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